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Earn Free industry-recognized credential that helps to prove your skill level and can get you hired. Accelerate your professional development and help enhance your career success. Evaluate your skills and be a Certified professional.



Exam Instructions:

  1. Make sure you have a fast, stable internet connection.
  2. Do not use any online search engine such as Google or Bing or your test may be suspended.
  3. Close all other browser windows before starting the test.
  4. Minimizing the browser window during the exam can prevent submission.
  5. The validity of your certificate is for 6 months only from the date of the test.
  6. There are no charges for the test (until 31st Oct 2016) except for a hard copy of the certificate (optional).
  7. Your test contains 20 questions.
  8. Your test duration is 30 minutes with a 3 minute grace period if needed.
  9. Each right answer contains 3 marks. No negative marks will be awarded for wrong answers.
  10. You can choose 5 hints during your test.
  11. You can click the back button to change your answer within the time allotted for your test.
  12. Click the finish button to submit your exam.
  13. I like to receive emails to stay up to date & job alerts from IQBri in future.

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